Arya Pearl Organic Darjeeling White Tea First Flush - 2020

Rs. 329.00 – Rs. 24,871.00

Dry: Green leaf & bud sets

Infusion: Very mellowed green

Very exclusive Spring Darjeeling White Tea from the highly reputed Arya Estate in the valleys of Darjeeling. Carefully nurtured, selectively & tenderly plucked from select bushes in the early hours of the morning, caringly dried and minimally processed, this is a limited edition tea that is made just once in a year. This tea which consists only of soft, succulent and tender buds, brews beautifully into a very very pale liquor and has unparelled softness & mellowness with hints of grassiness with mild vegetal undertones and makes for an extremely pleasurable drinking experience. Such is the magnificence,  that one yearns to have more of this anytime of the day. An outstanding offering also having innumerable health benefits.

Max Retail Price: 

                                  Rs.        329.00          10   g
                                  Rs.      1524.00          50   g
                                  Rs.      2901.00        100   g     
                                  Rs.      8266.00        300   g
                                  Rs.    13091.00        500   g
                                  Rs.    24871.00       1000  g 
(Inclusive of all taxes)
Rs. 1,524.00